Izh Jupiter 11

Hello, everyone!
This is my first render this year.
This concept bike is made totally in blender, no painted textures - just materials and procedurals.
Rendered using BI:

And using YafRay:


That front suspension looks dangerous.

I would suggest bumping up the subsurf a little because you have some jaggies showing.

Ooops, you’re right - forgot all the suspension springs, etc.

I’m trying to export this scene to LuxRender, so smooth and detailed pics will come soon.

Thanks for C&C

I think all this metal will look very good in lux

Here goes Lux result:

A bit post-pro (noise reduction) was made in gimp.


That looks great imo :slight_smile:

my only CC for future work like this in lux might be to use a .exr HDR light map rather then sunsky because it will give more complex reflections and runs just as fast in lux as sunsky.

Fun machine :slight_smile: Lux is very good at vechiles imo.

oops, windscreen didn’t render as glass :frowning:
I’ll make another render later.