Concept by Gerard Scott,

First picture, was the head of my skaterwolf, morphed with proportional editing, and a lattice for the ear.

Then sculpted

Made a new mesh

And another sculpt pass,


Some work on a body.
I wanted him to be a quadruped, just cause I imagine a feral beast, running, and lunging on their paws. But I’m not liking the rear leg.

My friend drew a humanoid, I’ll take a crack at that tomorrow/weekend/when I make the time.


Can’t decide which route to take at this point.


Looking good. So far i like the quadrupedoid better. I think it may be the shoulders, nice job there.

Well so far I find the humanoid more, intimidating, I’ll ocntinue to flesh them both out.
Maybe the I could use the quad as a messed u pet.

is that the thing in Alice in Wonderland? (with Christopher Lee’s voice?)

anyway, looks nice, and clean :smiley:

Yes, I didn’t like the movie version at all.
Found this head by Gerard Scott, and asked him if I could make a model of it.
His site’s here, http://www.allnaturalstudios.com/

And I’m just wingin’ the body. And sculpting more later.

Sticking with the humanbody I think.
Need to work on his stance, I don’t think he’s balanced.


Tweaked the hands, calling this mesh done.
Sculpting next.
Plan to go as crazy as possible.
But my computer is sluggish with subsurf active in the viewport.

I might split it into parts, unless hiding the mesh while sculpting is available in 2.5?
Or try and delete some loops.
Any suggestions on how to approach?
4422 verts.


I think it should start on all fours, and then be able to stand up in a human stance… although i can’t say much, cause I couldn’t make this… :slight_smile:

That would be very fun to animate.

Not spot on to the concept, but I like it.
Done sculpting the body, wings, and arms.
Post later for that.
Working on hands, then lower body.


Done sculpting,


Somehow the lower body anatomy is far less convincing than the upper body one…should he not have calf muscles? And his thighs are very…pointy…

Yeah it was rushed, I did it for the siggraph contest @ shapeways. And its changed a bit.
(polygon limit + tessalation, decimation)
You can check it out in the finished projects.