Jack and Marcel

Hey guys, here’s a little dog I made… It’s Jack from the cartoon series “Jack and Marcel”. C&C always welcome.

looks good. I don’t know the series, but the character is somewhat “cute.” lol

LoL…Looks funny :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys, update coming soon…

He looks like something straight out of homestarrunner.com, sweet.

is that his eye in his mouth lol very cute AAAWWW look at the wee dog thingy :D.

Here’s an attempt at a walkcycle, actually more a jumpcycle, but so what :smiley: C&C very much appreciated.

Really super model but the walking/running/jumping sequence need more work. If you only make hem jump not quiet that high (perhaps not even half the hight) it would look much better.

But the model itself is wonderfull!


Dank je wel Sander! Ik ga meteen aan het werk.

Sorry for the offforum language :wink:

Hey guys, sorry for the late update, but the computer I’m working on is a bit slow, so I couldn’t go to my album and upload for a while. Here is the movie:
Luckily I’ll get my new comp tomorrow (3.2 GHz p4, 1024 MB RAM, 250 GB, FireWire, surround sound etc.)! W00t! :smiley:

hhhmm i need a new computer :(. the anim i preferd the other one this is like a bit sharp if u get that?

Cool character. Cute in a weird and twisated kind of way. :slight_smile:

The second jump cycle is definitely an improvement, as the first one looked a little too floaty. The second one looks more realistic for the apparent mass of the character while still maintaining a comic abnormality.

Blend on.


Thanks for the replies, adn I’ve got my new pc now. Scary, how fast it is! :smiley: And that’s a really good thing!