Anyone know how connect Audacity-Ardour /Jack-server / Blender?
Is any Python command?

I think there was a Python script to connect blender to Ardour




I think that Jack transport is broken in 2.54

“How to use it:
Make sure you properly set up jack and have the server running. Then in blender set the output device to Jack under the System tab of the User Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U). Last but not least you have to set the sync mode dropdown in the timeline window to AV-sync.”

set the output device to Jack??? there is no such menu option

Jack transport works fine in 2.54, if you have no menu option then it’s not compiled into your build. The compile default is set to false.

I use Jack with both 2.49b via ‘pyjack’ python script and 2.5xx with Ardour, not sure Audacity even has jack ability?

Works great on the whole.

Thanks, I have: http://www.graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=1429
I see, the user-config.py used for compiling on Windows7 using MinGW:


Do you need a Python script to connect 2.5xx with Ardour?

No script needed in 2.5 Jack is both playback and transport. 2.49b needs pyjack.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think Audacity can´t connect to Jack, the system crashes (Jack port audio - Audacity-windows) =:-(