Jack Blenderson (Nicholson Blenderized)

Attempt to make a Jack Nicholson 3D portrait.
I have titled it: “Jack Blenderson”, partly because the similarity is not all the good, and partly because this was made completely with Blender.
Thi’s the first time I Use the Sculpt Mode and the particle hair (non oficial build).
Rendered with Yafray, Full GI, two Area + one Sun Light.
Hope you like it :wink:
Posted at CGsociety forums too. I will be happy if get some stars from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Like ever, C&C are welcome.


Nice! I saw the resemblance instantly! You’re also getting a nice reaction in cgtalk :yes:

Really Cool man! I love it! http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/eek.gif
I can see Jack perfecly! You catch his essence, and is not easy to do it man!

You are the living proof of what blender can do and free software too.
The clue… Free software can be as good as a comercial software, no more words http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif

Keep it going man!

I really like it, in fact. That’s pretty nicely done. The only thing that doesn’t do it for me are the textures. The material is good, but the texture is too… clean. There isn’t any variation, or any spots or blood veins that would normally show up on anyone’s face.

Not saying you have to change anything now, but for future reference, try looking at this.


Now, this is for Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin, so obviously the wear on the skin of an old man will be taken to an extreme, but it’s a good reference, anyway.

Wow, that’s really impressive modelling/sculpting, Caronte!

I recognised him immediately, and I know how hard it is to get this effect. The hair looks good as well, the only thing I miss is a skin texture for col./spec. - he looks like he’s got a perfect makeup :p. But I guess you were focussing on sculpting and particle hair.

Keep it up


Looks great to me! Definitely an excellent likeness. As others have said, the skin could use a little work- currently looks like he is made up for a TV appearance( makeup to counteract the bright lighting needed for color filming).
Even as it is now, it is excellent work! The eyes capture Nicholson’s essence!

Excellent work I hope to see the video of your conference in Blendiberia about of the head of Jack Blenderson, that I miss it, but the one of sculpt mode, brilliant, it beams everything easier, thanks :wink:
I am sorry for my english.
Cartone guapo!!!

Really nice! Hair looks great, as does all the wrinkles and face details. Great job.


Great modeling and a good render, but the skin texture could do some more work though.

Wow! Great. No critics. Simply great.

I agree with BlackBoe on the texturing aspect. But the model and sculpting is fantastic. Awesome work Caronte.


Jaw dropping work. Keep up the good work bro.

It looks like Jack. overall good, but it looks more like a wax model maybe because of the textures


The skin shader only have a diffuse (color) texture, because a bug in the multirres that prevents me to unfold the mesh on the highest levels (Blender crash).

When this bug has fixed I will update the image with separate textures for: specular, diffuse, etc…

Thanks to everybody by yours C&C :wink:

You can unfold the mesh on level one and it’ll propogate the unwrap up through the different levels. It’s how I did MoonMoth. Unwrap at level one and paint your texture, then move levels back up to whatever and all the UVs should be deformed to match it.

Actually, that’s sorta how you’re supposed to do it, I think. Unwrapping with the 500k vertices you’d get at a high level would be really friggin’ hard.

If you unwrap at level 1, when sculpt al high levels the texture are streched in some big deformations, because it’s fixed to the low level mesh.
I need to unwrap all (the sculpted geometry too) to get a perfect mapping.

I forgot to show the base mesh here :eyebrowlift2:


oh hell… that terrific!!

well done Mate!
Really nice clean geometry and nice lighting.

You should try to render this model with indigo or yafray. I’d love to see a “maquete” render
C’mon do it do it!!! :smiley: