Jack-booted thug WIP

Working on a head right now for a movie poster for a fictional movie. This guy will be a thuggish soldier when I am finished. Until then, I welcome the C & C. TIA.


EDIT: New image. I resurrected the old project and decided to go with a more “realistic” human model. Please take a look at the eyes and help me figure out why they don’t look quite right. THX.


Apart from a slightly sharper jawbone (bottom right of the model) and a slightly bigger upper lip I got nothing to complain on. Keep up the good work!

I did just notice the along the center of the top of his head, it looks concave, so I will have to play with the geometry a little bit more.


It looks very good now, I gotta say! Only thing that comes to mind is that the nose. I get the feeling that it’s got muscles under its skin, which just feels wrong.

(also, did you ‘set smooth’? If not then you should do so, it’s done through the editing menu (F9) )

Yeah, after looking at the profile, I think I need to adjust his nose a bit. I did not set smooth, yet. When I get further into textures, I will worry about that kind of stuff. Thanks for the props. Updates to come.

Here’s a couple more. Massaged just about everything, and added a skin texture as a rough draft.


I have been working on some details in his face, and tried to make him a little meaner. At first glance the changes are subtle. I also started working on his uniform.


Starting on the uniform.


he looks too well dressed to be a thug :slight_smile:

Just what I thought.

He is supposed to be wearing a uniform. He is a military thug in fascist military garb. I am modelling the uniform after the SS officer uniform. I know, it’s kind of sadistic, but it is for the poster I am putting together as a sort of a statement about a government that oversteps its bounds.

Anyway, here are the pics.


So far your model is kicking some serious donkey! …if you know what I mean. :smiley:

I thought I would mention that the materials for the clothing is just a bit too shiny, or hard looking. I assume the material settings are not done…

Looking great keep it up!

Thanks. I just had to post one more before bed. Working on his arms now.


I was working on his ears last night. Whadaya think?


bump. new image up top.

I think everyone would know exactly what he’s supposed to be if he looked like George Bush.

I decided to take a short break on modelling and try my hand at making him a hairdo. My inspiration was Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) from BladeRunner. I know the eyebrows suck. It was late and I was getting weary doing hair.


I have to jump in here. You tackled hair, and it’s going pretty well! Can’t mention the number of bald, bandana-wearing, hat-covering models there are out there. “Oh, um…she’s wearing a sombrero and her…hair is…tucked inside it.”

LOL It does have the Rutger Haur thing going on. Looking good.

(PS - I assume you noticed the seam line down the brow and nose?)