Jack Bunny

A cartoony Bunny character. Modelling Time about two Weeks


Good work!
the fur fits the character really well.

I think you could do some work on the hands ( paws? feet?)
They seem a little too blocky, they should be more round.


Neat, could you provide pictures also from other angels?

And two other angels


hey there, you got any reference tutorial sites that teach the furr and hair stuff?:wink:

nice he ´s a funny character.
his “nose” should be more seperated, it blends too soft into the rest of the head
the fur is great, could be a bit thicker
but great

btw : think this is real ? :

cool character, he reminds me of Bill the Cat

very nice character, I like the fur a lot.
My only critique is the proportions of the head in the front view, I’d expected a bigger head in that angle view too but it seems to me a bit too thin.

Haha, I felt like fainting when I saw him. (In a good way)

No crits. Very nice.

I’m gonna see that thing coming at me in my nightmares. Those vacant shark like eyes and maniac grin give it a very chilling touch.
Its cool, I like it. Is it for a game or something?

It was just for modelling something :wink: Maybe i do some szene later.