Jack Daniels

Hello all, This is my second Blender project as my first one fell flat:o . Anyway here is what I got so far(rendered with YAFRAY):

Without liquid:

With liquid:

I have a few questions.
The way I modeled liquid inside of the glass is by duplicating the bottle, other than a little bit of the top of the bottle to leave some of the bottle empty(cause i’m going to have a glass with some jack in it later on). Then I scaled it down like .1 so they wouldn’t mess with each other. The material I used for the liquid inside the galss was the YAFRAY preset called “colored glass”. Was this a smart way to make the liquid in the bottle?

Another question I have is about the lighting. Right now I have 3 Area lights each with 3.0 energy and 4 Shadows and photons samles. I have one to the left of the camera, on the the right, and one right about the bottle looking down. I’d realy like to get the same amount on light in the picture but still have shadows casted on the floor from the bottle. Any ideas on how to do this?

Thats about all I have to ask. Also just remember that this is only my second Blender project so take it easy and try to keep the technical talk down to a minimum :stuck_out_tongue: .



Hello. well, the way you model your liquid is the same i use… so, if you’re wrong, now we are 2!! hahaha, but i use “clear glass” instead “color glass” but i think it gives the same result…

As an answer for the other question, i would say just… GI.

GI…Please explain. Sorry but I’m very new to blender.

I would suggest that you increase raytrace bounce depth to get rid of some of the dark areas in the bottle.
GI settings can be found in the Yafray render settings. Turn on some Global Illumination to effectively let the world add light to your scene. I am not sure if this will meet your requirements, but it should add general realism to the whole thing. Takes longer to render though :frowning:

I turned on GI and put it to medium quality. It looks alot better and I will tone down the area lights and play with the lighting some more. But how do i increase raytrace bounce depth? Hate to ask but I looked all over and I am still not sure. Point me in the right direction please.
Thank you for the help and keep it coming!

Naw, I wouldn’t use coloured glass. Well, you can use the preset, but change the index of refraction to something more liquid-like.

Room temperature water is 1.332
Vodka is 1.363
Rum is 1.361
Whiskey is 1.356
Beer is 1.345

Try something like that for your liquid index of refraction, so you get the nice layered refraction effect there. For the bottle make sure the IOR is either:

Crystal: 2.000
Flint Glass: 1.5 - 1.8 (lower values are less lead content)
This looks kind of old fashioned, so I assume you’re using flint glass instead of silica glass.

EDIT: If you’re using yafray, then–beside the method and quality dropdown lists–there are two number boxes called depth and cdepth. Depth is radiosity, how many times one ray transfers between surfaces before it ceases to be traced. Cdepth is how many times caustic bounces are traced, so it should be what you’re looking for.

I did alot of tweaking with your suggestions and heres what I came up with:

I Turned on GI but put it on low qualitiy to save rendering time(still took 20 minutes to render on a 3.0 GHz intel pentium 4 with HT). The Area lights I turned down to 1 energy to get some shadows out of the picutre. I turned the raydepth to 10 to decrease the amount of black around the edges and increased GI Depth to 5 and GI CDepth to 4 (both increased by 3).
What do you think about it so far? Anything else I need to do to make the glass and lighting better?

Well I added a Glass to the picture and some icecubes in the glass. Here it is:

Just got a few questions. First off the glass itslef(the shape) is not what i wanted but seemed to be the only1 that would look good when modeled in the glass preset. I wanted more of a square glass instead of a round one but o well.

Secondly the look of the glass on the cup is a little werid. I set the IOR to 2.0 but I’m going to try to put it back to 1.5 and render it again to see if that helps.

Thridly I made the icecubes and I like the shape but is there a better material to use instead of the clear glass preset?



Totaly redid the glass and icecubes. I’m really happy with the resaults. Now to put some liquid in the glass.

What do you think of it?


I tryed to do the fulid simulation for the jack that I was going to put in the galss. I used this tutorial http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/SoCFluidTutorial2 . I am Having some problems though. I did everything the tutorial said to do. The glass and icecubes are set as obsticales, the UVSphere I put over the glass is set as the Liquid, and the cube that surrounds all of it is the domain(which turns into the fuild itself).

But no matter how hard I try the liquid seems to just dissapear when it hits the bottom of the glass. It doesn’t stay inside the glass. It just sorta leaks out and goes away. What am I doing wrong? The domain has been set to Smooth and has catmull-clark set to 3. Also the resolution is 128 and the preveiw res is 35. I havent added any velocity to the fluid becuase it will fall into the glass on its own. Also when it hits the glass is just sorta sits there. It doesn’t bounce back and create a spalsh of somesort like in th tutorial.

Please help me out here!


Weird. Wait, though, you might have some Normal problems with one of the meshes. Have you checked Normals and made sure there aren’t any doubles of anything?

Which mesh are you talking about? Just FYI I threw the old cup mesh away for the new one I posted so that porbelm is fixed. Are you talking about my new glass or are you talking about the fluid sim i’m trying to do?


I’m talking about the cup and ice cube meshes for the fluid sim.

I checked the cup and icecubes for doubles and they dont have any. But about the normals. Should I calculate them inside or outside?

Well, providing they’re solid meshes and not sheets(It certainly doesn’t look like they’re sheets), they should be all facing out.

Welp. All the normals are facing outside but i’m still having troubles keeping the fluid from breaking out of the cup. Under the fluid sim tab I turned the cup to Init Both, and the Ice to Init Volume hoping it would help. Also made the thickness of the cup bigger and moved the ice around. But it still seems to be breaking out of the cup.

Is there anyway to help this out?


Nice renders.

About the fluidsim, try to check the domain size, and forces you have set in it. If you have left them at default values, it may cause this strange behaviour. And set boundary type for all objects in fluidsim to free, so it will not stick at the domain or glass.

But there is another method: Boolean operations. It produces a bit heavy and ungly geometry, but could be used to model the liquid in glass.

And for the coustics, you need some photon emitters in scene, but add them later, when you make liquids…

Well, I took your advice Myn.pheos and set ALL of the fluidsim meshes to free. Other than the fluid which doesn’t have it. The Fluid is set to Init both, the cup is set to Init both, and the icecubes are set to Init Volume.

Heres my domain settings. The cube that sits over the whole simulation(the domain) is set to smooth with catmull-clark to 3.
Under the standard domain options the Resolution is set to 128 with the preview res to 50.
Under the advanced doamin options the gravitiy is set to -9.81(due to the fact it sits right over the glass). The tab is set to water and the realword-size is .020 which use to be .030. The girdlevels are default which is -1, and the compressability is .005.
Under the domain boundry options it is set to Free. The tracer particles are set to 0. The surface smoothing is set to 1.000. The Generate & use speedvecs is unchecked.

Yet even with all this tweaking it is STILL bursting out of the side. However I have gotten ALOT better water splashing effects and the water looks alot more normal inside the glass. But to tell you the truth I kind of just want the water to kind of ripple inside the glass. Not splash up and out.

Can someone shed light on this damn problem?

You guys have been an awesome help so far an i’ve learned SO much. Please keep the help coming!