Jack O' Land

Hi everybody! I made this for the epic pumpkin contest, hope you like it!

It shouldn’t be there but it is
A realm made of pumpkin juice and bliss
down down, Far beneath your feet
Candies here, are always sweet

Every day, they drink from the lake
and forget to ever break

If you happen to visit this place
Relax, there is no going back
Your family should be wearing black
My condolences, you’re dead

PD.Sorry if the poem is wacky, is hard for me write rhymes in foreign languages haha, I wanted to expand the vibe of my world a little and give it a shot!

Very good composition!
I like the colors. And surface of the large pumpkin.

Amazing composituon.
really movy like. There is truely an atmosphere here.

I’m technically stuck but artistically it is fantastic!

Nice work, beautiful colours!

Really beautiful! Everything is so stunning and the general mood is perfect.

beautiful, great composition.i like the mystery of light & shadow and how different realms are revealed as layers.

Thanks for your comments and feedback! I apreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

Don’t know how this is 2 stars, surely does look great.

Haha not shure how it works, its 3 now hope they keep going up! :wink: thanks:)

perfect! it is dreamy and interesting, and nice coloring, its own world, and also not having flaws. great work!

Why is this 3 stars, I think you deserve more then that. I really love the composition and what you have done in terms of lighting it has a nice pastel feel to it. Nice work.

Dat framing! Great work!

Thanks man! I’m paying special attention to light and composition, I wan’t to develope in those areas they are my favorites! Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments, is great to read them, If you would have suggestions on how I could improve I will really appreciate too! please point me the flaws merciless for the good of learning :slight_smile: