Jack 'o' lantern

this is avery simple halloween pumpkin i made. it is a uv sphere with a few loop cuts scale in on the locking z axis (s, shift, z), then cut into see what you think, C&C’s welcome and needed:


here’s one with better lighting, which ones better i wanted low lighting on the first one to concentrate on the light coming from inside him


Not too bad so far! I think you might want to make the carved out part much sharper more pumpkin like. Right now it looks really human, which might be what you are going for, but if you want realism you might want to try a different shape. And if you are going for realism, you might want to get rid of the eyes. It will help the effect if light is coming out of the eyes too. But it looks really good so far! Can’t wait to see what you do with it, animation perhaps?

thanks, i was wondering whether i should have eyes, i’k getting rid of those for sure.
any tips on getting the right texture anyone?

If your going for a little more realistic then here are my suggestions

Add in more vertical creases like those in real pumpkins, google image search for “Pumpkin” pull up what I mean pretty well.

Looks like you have some kind of normal map for the texture right now? maybe try decreasing the size of that texture to be a little more accurate to real ones.

Hope that’s helpful.