Jack skellington head

hello all! this is my first attempt at sculpting as i wanted to know how to do this for a long time. its jack from tim burtons the nightmare before christmas movie.:smiley: tell me what ya think any tips or advice would be great! I do plan to practice with sculpting alot more. does anyone know any good sculpting tutorials?:wink:


its really dark :rolleyes:

it seems okay but would you mind uploading a lighter render?

Yeah, way to dark. Also, his expression is quite evil compared to what he usually looks like in the movie.

dude jack is the best!

add a lighter render and the eyes look a bit weird

yeah i agree way too dark

hey guys i turned the color up a bit and made it a little lighter. the eyes, i wanted to try and get a more darker side to jack as he is the king of halloween hehe:evilgrin: again this is my first time using the sculpt tool and i do plan to practice more to get the hang of things. thanks for the comments!:eyebrowlift2: click on the pic to make it bigger u prob know that but i just found that out hehe


Nice sculpt but It doesn’t look like a finished project to me. More like a test or a WIP. Maybe move it to WIP and do a scene for it.

and try turning on the AO to brighten it up a bit more :wink:

wip? im new so im not sure how to do that.

wip means work in progress and it is here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=16

Just add a topic there and you should get some good feedback there! Good luck!