Jack Update #11 23/12

When I read the “toonlike charactair” of Ralphbluecoast I thought I should make jack from “The nightmare before christmas.” So here is how far I come with him:
I only worked with him a hour or something. I haven’t added any details yet and no face :expressionless: but I am going to make details and add a texture of a black white-striped shirt but I didn’t found any. I tried to make one of my own but it didn’t worked.

Why don’t the shadow work?

really nice start! can’t wait to see more.


Why don’t the shadow work?

It should be as thin as the Jack.
A lamp very very very far. And shadow from middle to
left and back. The plane beeds to be bigger than it is
now to do this. Ofcourse it could be something else but here
was one idea.

Thank you knuhm and j. I’ve done some more details on him.
I don’t think there is anything more to add so I going to texture him. I am going to try, for the first time, to UV map him. Still need a shirt texture.

I would love to see wires for his head, then I could resserecy the squish and give em mouths!

It looks great!


Patiently awaiting updates…

I ain’t sure what you mean but he have a mouth. It’s not very big but he don’t have a big mouth. Do a image search on google and you will see.
The wires:
He was subsurfed much so I don’t used that much subsurf in the last render.

Do you think there is something I should improve?

Hence no one thought I could improve anything I started on a scene for him. I am going to texture it but I do that later.
If you look close you see that the house flies, that’s cause in my reference picture I couldn’t see any ground so I ain’t sure what kind of ground it should be. Here is my reference image:

That house reminds me of a house in one of Good Charlotte’s videos.

Please give me some creative c&c too.

Am I so good that nothing can be improved?

The house doesn’t fly anymore
I’ve added a tree
I’ve done a chimney or a small tower on the roof.
Added materials so you can see something about how it will look with textures.

If I remember correctly from the movie and KH (Kingdom Hearts) then the ground is either a kind of dirt patch, or it’s stone as well. It’s one of those two…can’t really remember…

It’s a stone path. I meant the hill where the tower is, if it’s a smooth hill or a pointy but I fixed that now.

Jack had a lot more detail than what you put into him. I would suggest looking at the original and trying to mimic that. Your probably going to have to subdivide him or use uv mapping to get him to look like the original. Textures will play a huge role in this scene so take your time with them.

I was trying to use a black texture with white stripes to his shirt but it didn’t worked. The image was JPG. I forgot to use other textures. But now I am going to try to make some own textures in PS. They are going to look like shit but I have to try or is there any on the net?

You could do the texture with blend material.
Alter colorband to get stripes.
The scene is looking good.

My ref pic doesn’t have much details. What details do you mean? I’ve never used colorbrand how do use that?

Perhaps you should get more reference pictures. That will really help out. Yours might be good just for proportions, but you do need detail references. His face wasn’t that simple.