::jackdarton:: Fishy

Hey guys,

Something I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks, I’m happy with the outcome. Be sure to check my DA link a the bottom for the full resolution for some juicy details.

Blender, ZBrush 4R7, Substance Painter 2, Photoshop CS6.

DeviantArt Link


thats awesome

Very good!

Very nice. Love it.

Truly fantastic. 5 Stars!

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Great attention to detail.

Thank you :slight_smile: It’s difficult to show off the detail with the size restriction, the full resolution shows it off a lot more.

Very nice =)

Amazing picture! The colors and eyes are great.

Everything about this is fantastic.

This is so good!

Very good; professional

Woww. Fantastic. An so detailed. Altough you have to admit that the fish would have a hard time trying to eat anything with these monster teeth :wink:

Looks great. Love the colors!

Wow, top row! Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.

The details and the colors are great. I’ts my new desktop background.

Obviously you understand the interaction between the various programs. One area where I personally would like to know more. Would it be possible to explain your workflow?

Really awesome! Looks like what might have evolved if Tim Burton and HR Giger collaborated! Love it!

That looks awesome, nice job!

Good job! It’s very realistic!