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I appreciate the nice comments guys, thanks :slight_smile:

My workflow is such:

Sculpt various pieces in ZBrush at the full resolution - fins, body, teeth, tongue, lantern, etc. Though, the lantern was actually modeled in Blender.

Retopologize those pieces individually, mostly with ZRemesher to bring the polycount low enough to get a good, efficient UV unwrap.

Unwrap each piece, and take it into Substance Painter, where I bake all of the relevant textures from the high resolution to the mid resolution, such as normal, world space normal, curvature, AO, thickness, position, etc.

Use Substance Painter to create materials and textures for each piece.

Export 4 PBR maps (Normal, albedo, roughness, metallic), and import them into Blender, where I use my own PBR shader to utilise these textures in Cycles.

Position everything, use a nice HDRI to light the scene with some point and area rim/fill lights, render with a transparent background.

Take the final render into Photoshop CS6 where I composite a custom background with some matte painting and effects, and work on post processing, such as colour correction, tones, vignette, bokeh, adding low noise, sharpening areas, film type, and glare.

And we’re done! Hope that clears some things up.

That really does look cool. With how many samples did you render?

very cool, wanted to see the materials, if possible

Very Cool, the colors fit so well together. Also it’s amazing how much detail you modeled. With how many samples did you render?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: 800 samples if I remember correctly.

absolutely amazing this concept art.

this is really a 3d model? it looks like professional 2d art wow good job

Thank you! It is indeed a 3D model. I put a lot of work into the texturing and lighting, along with the materials. I’m glad it’s apparently paid off!

Good job!!

Greaaat!! Hahahahaahh very very nice :slight_smile: 5* for you!

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m considering starting something else similar.


Servicing Stop

Fantastic Fantasy piece. You’ve managed to make something inspired by a real creature that is still highly original, and the render uses great colour contrasts and composition to really make the model leap out of the background. The attention to detail is most impressive too. Amazing.

Very nice!