Ok so i’m making a human, and I want to make him a trenchcoatish jacket that is not attached to the model… well … attached, but actually like a layer of clothing. Not uv mapped straight onto the faces. What would be the best way to start? Just make a plane and just extrude it around his body into the jacket?

In Edit mode select the verts of the torso and arms. Shft-D duplicate them and Alt-S Scale Along Normals to make the dup slightly bigger. Move it to another layer and extrude coattails, collar etc from that.


Thanks! This is working well, but what do you mean putting it on a new layer? I wonder if that’s how I would fix my other problem, which is, in object mode I can’t select the body without selecting the jacket or vica versa… : (

With whatever object you select press m in object mode and select one of the twenty squares. The object will move to the layer you selected so you can edit in the first layer or the layer you moved to. You can select the layer you moved to with the same looking twenty bottoms at the bottom of the 3D window.

And/or make more than one layer visible with Shft-click.


when I have an object selected and I press m and put it to a different layer, instead of moving it to that layer, it only switches my view to that layer.