Jacks! (Floating Jacks. Aaaarg!)

Eh. This did not turn entirely out how I’d hoped (they’re FLOATING!), but I think it is quite neat anyway. I’ll do another render in a bit, but here you are. C&C please!



I noticed all 6 ends are rounded, but don’t jacks usually have 2 pointy ends?

Jacks usually have two pointed ends, but I really liked how it looked with all rounded ends. Eh. So I cheated. Maybe they’re jacks from another culture, huh?! Don’t be so insensitive and euro-centric! Er. Ahem. Yes. You’re quite right. Want to see a render with pointy ends? (They’re actually kinda flat cylinders.)

Ok, sure. :smiley:

Um. Yeah? :o Well… too bad! Uh. 'Cause. Um.%| Well 'cause I’m still travelling, still on my laptop, and it took a damned hour and a half to render as it is (stupid raytracing) and I want to do a non-floating version. I’ll do a real jack version after the non floating version, so you seeing it is contingent upon when I put myself to bed. Heh.

…alright… :-?


Eh. Here is an update. Any suggestions, changes wanted? Change in color? More or less depth of field blur? I’ve scrapped the “real jack” thing. I like this better anyway. Who wants pointy edges anyway? (Other than R2Blend.) No Zblur plugin, I made the blur with an alpha channel.


it looks really nice! you said though that you wanted them to look like they were floating and yet you put them on a plan or in a cube!? %| What were you thinking? If you have to have them in a cube atleast make it so they are shadowless! Actually you probably did that but forgot about the ambient occlusion … right? Anyay it looks great can’t wait to see the finished version! :wink:

How did you use an alpha channel to make it blurry? Could you put the .blend file here?

ya that would be great!

Um. Heh. Some clarifications. The “aaaarg” was because the jacks were initially floating. They hover ever so slightly off of the plane, when I wanted them firmly placed down on the thing. The alpha channel blur is in Photoshop - you make an alpha channel, which allows you to control exactly where the blur will be, and to what degree. I assume you can do similar things with GIMP, but I much perfer Photoshop. Anyhow. I fixed the flotation, made a better map to remove some ugly blurring affects, and rendered a huge one with better subsurfing as well. Here is the update, along with the larger image if anyone wants to see it huge.


Large Image:


They look huge for some reason. Maybe it’s because they are too perfect. I dunno.

I think they look great. What I think is a little strange is the intersection in the center with the sharp join. I would expect to see the join to be rounded like the points.

No, it’s because the DOF is too severe. They would have to be really big, to have DOF like that.

No, an oddly shot macro picture of jacks could have a DoF like that. Photographic depth of field can get incredibly narrow in macro photography.

ohhh, nice image. See you took it as avatar…

Heh. Indeed. But my robot will soon replace it.