Jacks (More)

I got the idea from another post somewhere… couldnt find it to tell you whos it was, but…


BTW it looked alot less blurred before I posted it, i’ll have to look into that

You mean this thread?

They look ok to me. How long have you used Blender?

AHA! That thread! :smiley: Ive been using blender for about 2-3 weeks.

i like it but if you have gaussian filter on i’d turn it off! :wink:

Lucky for me I dont know what that is! :slight_smile:

Well. I’m flattered. If you want any hints about making jacks then let me know, as the originator of said post. And, as has been pointed out, though not to you, jacks have two straight ends and four spherical. Mine were more meant to be a little more “spacey” and futuristic in nature, not in the nature of the jacks, but merely how the final result looked. Anyhow. Nice start. Lets see a bigger render.

It was too tempting to just keep them round and get it over with… it took me a while to make the jack smooth… :expressionless:
I also tried to go in and fix it and its all too cluttered, i put them on the same layer! (Will try to do different layers later)

You know, I do almost all of my work on one layer. I probably should not, but hey. It has worked perfectly so far.

Yeah, that’s what I do, too. It does get confusing sometimes, though.


Ones a closer render, ones a bigger, its late %|

Edited! : I dont know how those lines got there, its just a plane!

Hey, looks good. The lighting could be a bit brighter, we can’t really see very well. Here is the setup I used for my jacks, quite simple, really, but I think it was fairly effective.

The square one, in case you don’t know, is an area light, rather large, as compared to the jacks, with a bit of a blue tint to it and raytraced shadows with relatively high samples and umbra.

The other lamp is what it looks like - an entirely normal light directly over the whole scene, which makes sure that things are well light, but ensure that the middle lamp isn’t casting shadows.


I changed the lighting to be somthing like anogarlr’s.
I had to lower the energy to 0.07 to have it not make everything pure white… :smiley: