Jacks revisted

Hi all,
This is a little project that I have been working with off and on over the past month. The main goal was to refine the lighting and textures on some fairly simple models. I have learned alot about procedurals doing this as all of the materials/textures are Blender. The exception is the table texture (done in Photoshop). Blender just doesn’t do wood well.

Anyway, any comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Looks very nice. Great use of procedurals. Which ones have you used on this image?

Lighting is great. Did you do radiosity calcs, or is this faked GI?




/me too loves the noise procedural :slight_smile:


I used noise and wood textures on the jacks. The wood texture is used as the fake reflection map.

The lighting is faked GI. I pretty much gave up on radiosity in Blender long ago. I have layered spot lights under each object that is projecting the table wood texture on them.