Jackson Dinky Guitar

Well, i had some free time today… so i picked up my guitar and started to model it into blender. Here’s what i’ve done so far:


Now i’ll take a break for playing on the real guitar :RocknRoll:


and here’s a shot from the back


and now the floyd rose


now with strings and some other minor details


c&c are welcome :RocknRoll:

Are no guitar players here? :frowning:


Well, i just cleaned up the main body mesh abit, added marks on the guitar neck and logo brandings. Next i’ll add materials and lighting to the scene and after this… i would like to create a funky toon character who’s actually playing this guitar. So there’s still alot to do. :RocknRoll:


I am not a guitar player,but it looks very detailed to me.You could add some decoration and detail to the body,and then maybe start texturing.

Yep, i’m on my way to play around with the materials :slight_smile:
i’ll show some renderings later… still need some more practise with blenders material settings.


a first quick rendering, yeaaaaaah :cool:


here’s another one but that wasnt a quick one…
the rendering time blowed up to almost 3h Ò.ó


still need some tweaks on lighting and material.

Man … very good work! Do have one ?? I´m guitar player ( try to …) and here in Brazil , a Jackson cost a lot of money … how know someday !!! but … what´s render do you use ?

Thanks man! :slight_smile:
Yeah, i own a jackson guitar. This baby is almost 10 years old but it rocks and feels like she is brand new. Since jackson was taken over by fender in the year 2002, this guitar remains one of the old ones before the time of fender. I’ve baught this baby from a friend of mine in my youth… at this time he had soooo many guitars and he clearly offered me a good price for what you can’t buy this guitar nowadys.

By the way, i just used the blender internal render with alot of lighting sources. For what i can tell now is that the render is too slow for this result. But i still need to get more familiar with blenders render and material settings. Oh and i started to create a socket and even a spotlight for a scene.


I’m still trying to figure out how to optimize the lighting and render settings within blender.
The shadows are looking too roughly.


Hey Man … you´re a luck guy!! but … if you try increase a studio enviroment and some mesh lights at front … maybe you get better shadows and reflections ( the guitar seems a little rough… of couse if was meat to be !!! ) and the strings need more shiny dont ?? but… the model is perfect !! Do you try Yafaray or luxrender ??

Yeah, i figured out how to achieve a better result on the shadows. It was a settings on the lighting source. I raised up the samples and the shadow buffer size. By the way, i did not use ambient occlusion and no yafaray or luxrender yet. The rendering time for a HD frame is at 35min. That’s fair so far. :cool:

well, you´re right.Take a look on yafaray.org or luxrender.net the results is very good and im shure you got same or better results with same time of render.keep it up!!

But the BI can be just as powerful, sometimes more. I’m sure you’ve watched BBB, Lostined.

Anyway, if you said you don’t use AAO, you should! Set the render size to something smaller, because you are showing us previews, and not the final image. Save the HD for the final image. And area lights+soft+more samples=nice, soft shadows. Spotlights+area lights are perfect for studio setups.

Noob … sorry , i dont know what´s “BBB” …and you´re right about AAO … i´ve started work on blender at some months ago … i´m learning a lot here !!!

Stenois … what amplifier do you use ?

**always, sorry about my english !:slight_smile:


Big Buck Bunny, of course!

Yeah, i should really practise AAO and all the shiny fancy settings for this project. I just strarted to sketch a cartoon like character who’ll play on this guitar. This should be fun. :RocknRoll: About the right render settings, is there any example scene floating around the internet for study or would you mind to share a simple scene? I would appreciate any help on this topic. :slight_smile:


Haha, I had to dig out my old Strat for reference, (currently playing an Ibanez RG,) thought you had 1 too many frets for some reason. Just wasn’t used to that fretboard is all (RG has 25 frets.) About the model, I think the volume knobs need some work, have you tried rounding the top a bit? I know the actual guitar probably has flat knobs like those, but for the lighting’s sake, rounded might be easier. Also, the texture on those strings is killing me… please, take it into an image editor and loop the pattern another time for the big ones or something. Also, I’m just starting texturing, so I really don’t know, but wouldn’t a normal map or bump map (forget which) be better than a texture for the strings? Good luck with the model, I really like the shape of the body on that one.