Jackson JS 30 Warrior model (newbie)

Hi this is one of my finished models, took 4 hours, 1 hour or a bit more was learning how to get cycles nodes to work.

I painted it in blender render first, then used 2 node materials and 1/3rd of that uv for the wood and stuff.

Any tips? How do i bake it into a game engine? If someone can tell me how that would help a lot. Here is the model to download:

Also if anyone knows how to get substance designer 2 to lasso tool select or select parts of uv so you dont paint on others, also download link:


it is low~ poly 1938 tris. also just noticed its in orthographic view… -_-! wont let me edit remove the links, or do any edits to original…, oh well remove if not allowed.

Figured out substance designer, on right side under brush settings set it to UV under alignment, have to do this with every brush though.

Congrats on (as far as I can tell) your first posted and finished model! That was me just a few days ago with a high-poly bass guitar.

It would be nice to get some brighter renders as the wood on the neck is too dark to be visible. I settled on lighting my model with an hdri image both because it pretty simple and did a great job of showing off the body/other glossy surfaces of the guitar which looked dull without anything to reflect.

If that interests you you can pick up a few free ones (like I did) at hdrihaven.com or a variety of other places just be searching “hdri” on google.

As for how to get a model from Blender to a game engine- depends on the engine. If you wanted to see your model in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 5 they both support importing of .fbx files which Blender is capable of making.