Jade in the Wind

Here is a new one guys, dynamic topo sculpt. I plan to finish the body and make a complete scene. I’m trying to take on more challenging things for my self like human sculpture, specifically female sculpting which proves to be quite difficult. I’m going for a cartoony sexy style. I tried for a jade material which also proved to be quite difficult, all done with procedural textures. Let me know your thoughts:P

PS all sculpting done with a mouse which is kinda like boxing with one arm behind your back hehe:)

Very nice work.

Personally, I would love to know if this jade material was something done in Cycles, Luxrender, or a commercial engine, if it’s Cycles, then I would love to see an image of your node setup.

Ace I’m glad you liked the jade material. I will post a pic of the node setup tomorrow. It was all done in cycles, no textures or images.

Here is the shader setup for the jade material if any of you interested:)

Beautiful job on both the sculpting and the rendering.

Steve S

PS all sculpting done with a mouse which is kinda like boxing with one arm behind your back hehe:)

hahah. Totally agreed. This quote made my day lol.
Man… I know how hard it is… for 2 years I did all my sculpting with the mouse since my old tablet is not working anymore. Thankfully the new one is on the way finally.

Another great piece Derek. :slight_smile:
Without looking at the shader, the sculpture looks more like jelly to me - because of the hair waves perhaps. But the thing is that I don`t know much about jade, so I quess that is actually the right way to go.

Keep it up! & Happy New Year!

Thanks AlinB:) Jade is basically a precious carved and polished stone. It comes in many variations of it’s tale tale green color with blotches of cream and white veins. I’m glade you likes the sculpt and appreciate the difficulty with a mouse.

Looks awesome! My opinion is that it looks a bit waxy - like a candle sculpture to resemble jade. I can’t put my finger on what it needs to make it look more like jade - maybe the hardness of the reflections - not sure. But great work overall!

Very nice sculpting and big thx for sharing the material network … appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks guys:) Translucent stone I find to be very difficult to create a shader for. Its a fine line between wax and stone. Also with the possibility of polish or no polish its hard to define the sharpness of the reflections. I guess in the end you just have to go with your gut:) It may be that the SSS and translucency is a bit too strong, I’ll keep it in mind for the next project:)

Happy 2014 btw guys:P

Hello DerekG1080,
Thanks a lot for sharing the node, but I have a little problem with it. First question : which features you had included in the Attribute node? And the second is why wave texture appears with a pure white color? I followed all your coloramps settings.
Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!