Jafar's staff

I am working on a prop/costume piece for a play that I’m in, (it’s a musical of Aladdin) So far I’m just doing some designing on blender. What do you guys think?

Here’s my first idea…

And then I made it a little more sinister looking, and reproportioned it…

The director doesn’t want any figures or symbols on it, (not a snake head or anything) so just something ornamental. Let me know if you guys have any ideas, or what you think about what idea I have so far.

This is something I’m actually going to make, so I would really appreciate some criticism/comments. Thanks!


The second one reminds me of “Transformers” for some reason… :slight_smile:

I like the second one. You might try incorporating a cobra design on the staff. As I recall he was often associated with them.

Try using sets of three where you can(for example, on the setting). Threes tend to have mystical/religious significance and can subtly add to the look of a model.

I think you should go ahead and incorparate the snake symbolism into it.
No ones really going to be able to see the ornamental detail on the staff.
If the director has a problem with it then…we’ll lets hear what his problem is first.

Might be hard to add the snake on the real-life model though…

Thanks for all the comments, the director doesn’t want any children to be scared, or any mystical signifigance, plus a snake would be hard to implement anyway… maybe out of wood, but then I’d have the difficult task of making wood look like metal…

Anyway, my main construction pieces are flat bars, rods, and pipes of brass aluminum and copper… so yeah… any other ideas about the top? This could still go in a completely different direction, so the jewel could be shaped entirely differently… I’m still deciding

Thanks for all the feedback!


I made the first one, then was told it should be pointier and more sinister… I still think it could be a little more eviler, any tips on that

Update… I’ve added some more pointy things… what do you guys think of it?


rotate the pointy things 180 degrees.

Well, they kind of work as a handguard…

From this angle, you’re looking at the “back” this is the side that would face him as he grabs it.When he holds it, his fingers are covered by the one long spike in front, and the 2 small ones on the sides.

I figured it would be cool if it looked more like a weapon.

(I’m assuming you meant to rotate them so they’re facing upwards right?)

Oh, and the more I think about it, the more I want him to sword fight with this at the end… I’m choreographing the fights so I think I’ll work that in… :slight_smile:


I figured you intended them to act as a hand gaurd, but they look like blades to me and there isn’t a lot of room to fit a hand in there. It doesn’t look bad as is though.

If you do try flipping them so they are faceing up, maybe have them angled out a little instead of 90 degrees?

Those “wings” on the setting of the stone… try sweeping them down and to a point(kind of like what you did for the hand guard).

Yes, I think I will need to make the handguard shsaped a little different to allow a space for the hand a little better, actually they are’nt at 90 degrees, there are three of them, one long, 2 short, and they’re spaced evely around it (120 degrees)

Actually, now that I think about it, he will be using the bottom of his staff as the “sword” part, so maybe I will flip them to face up, so they’re facing down when he holds it like a sword…

I will see waht I can do with the wings…

Thanks for all the tips, this design is definitely getting there, it’s much more complete than the one I started with!


Okay, I think this here is the final design, the director hasn’t commented on it yet, but I think she will approve…

It hasn’t been made yet, so it can still change, comments are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help so far guys!


When facing this way, the two points clearly imply double-duty as a weapon, which is good. You do want to make sure that the points assembly is slid close enough to the end of the staff that it would not present a danger to the wielder when he grabbed it in an ordinary way. Which you’ll know (or perhaps already know) when Jafar picks it up. But all of that, at this point, is merely “tweaking.”

It is an excellent design, IMHO. The curved elements around the shaft are superb.

To me, the hallmarks of “this is a kick-ass-powerful :RocknRoll: wizard” are either that his staff looks like an old man’s worthless walking-stick (Gandalf) or that it looks like a very, very expensive, obviously dangerous and yet obviously magical hand-weapon. This design definitely looks like that.

Well-lit and well-presented, too.

Thanks for the compliments! The dimensions of the hand piece are still up in the air, I think the whole thing will be at least 5’ 8", and then I’ll proportion the bottom so that the grip is at a comfortable height.

Now I just need find out what the budget is and start working on it. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely post pictures when it is done


Okay, now is when reality steps into my project… I have found the largest correctly shaped Jewel that will fit in with the budget, and so I modelled the jewel, and refit everything to the right proportions, the staff is 1.7 m tall… The top is a lot smaller than I wanted, but it’s okay, the jewel is just a glass chandelier pendant, only about 2 bucks.


I kind of like it with the smaller jewel. It gives it a sleeker streamlined look :slight_smile:

^ Quoted for agreement. Nice work Amiller :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, Actually now I’m really glad I modelled it so carefully, because they just took pictures for posters and stuff, and I haven’t built it yet, so I told them to send me the pictures, and I’m gonna put in the model… :slight_smile: