Jagdpanzer 38 (t) (Hetzer)- WIP

This is the first model of a tank I have done. It is based on the “Late” variant of the tank.
I have made materials for it in cycles and tried to make it look rusty and weathered. It’s my first time doing any texturing of this nature, so any pointers in places to get even better weathering effects and realistic lighting would be appreciated, as well as critical comments.

Eventually I’d like to make a WW2 scene for it, once I am happy with the model.

Here are some renders:


Here are the UV maps used for the body, the Diffuse and Rust Mask. There are a few more such as Specular and Normal, but these just show the UV layout really.


Looks like my tank projects. You should add dust into the tank and some mud into the tracks

great work nice model but how can create material like this ?