Jagged dots when texture painting

Hi, I dont really know whats wrong now, but when I texture paint my mesh there appears a lot of… jagged edges there I’m painting:

It seems to do with the bleed amount; the larger bleed the larger spots. But I have no idea of how to solve it - I have given the UV islands a lot of margins but it haven’t worked.



Pls help…

You see if your problem is related to this:
That is, disable “cull” option.

Is there a normals map? I have seen that happen from the normals value being too high.
(edit) ah, I thought you were talking about the shadow. I may have misunderstood.

Sorry, but I should have uploaded the .blend file from the beginning.
Its here at dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8a4glzn7p7jtt6/Creature.blend?dl=0

I tried to disable the “cull” but it didn’t work.

To be honest, I do not know much about texture paint.
But if I remove the material and then I add a new texture paint slot with higher resolution (eg 5000px X 5000px), apparently there are less imperfections.

I think I might have misunderstood what you meant. You was referring to that I show in red?

If you disable Cull and “Occlude” as recommended in the thread I had shown you above, Do you notice less jagged edges? These jagged edges seem to be related to the angle or point of view from where you paint.

Probably the source of the problem is the gigantic amount of UV islands created by the “Smart” UV Project unwrapping method that is certainly doing troubles for the Blender painting tools, despite it should not (as i don’t remember seeing similar problem with Sculptris that use something like “smart” uv project too for the sculpt painting)
I think you may report your problem to the bug tracker, so the devs have something to reproduce the problem.

Meanwhile, try a more classic unwrap, with marking seams and etc… tough with this kind of mesh it will be hell even if helping yourself with Select -> Shortest Path between vertices (you should retopo, would be much much easier to work with after that) , on a more classic (as in not hundred/thousand of UV islands), i’m sure the painting tools should work better .

Lol, you’re not supposed to but turns out you can if you really need… paint dyntopo sculpt without retopology first. Do some rudimentary seems by Ctrl clicking around (drop that Smart way as Sanctuary suggests, this is too hard to calculate paint){and shortest path - ctrl click verts takes some 10 minutes to do, no worries ;)}.
Here’s the result and painting doesn’t fail (except where geometry was really bad, just some spots) or choke PC .

Thanks, this is the my first time sculpting something at this size so I didn’t really know how many vertecies I nedded. As crazy as it may sound: this is actually my retopologized mesh :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Eppo, which spots have that bad geometry?
And by the way, I got stunned seing how cool you’ve painted my model :D. Did you paint an existing texture for the palate? If so, what was your mapping?

Thanks you all very much!

A little question, you say I should retopologize the mesh. Its at 50 000 verts now, do 20 000 sound good?
As I said, I’ve never retopolized before :stuck_out_tongue:

This amount would probably kill bunch of phones; for the modern game’s featured monster driven on gamer’s PC 3 times as much would be just fine for the scene where this thing is introduced…
There are different things to consider too: http://www.ericchadwick.com/examples/provost/byf1.html from this (old) conversation http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/3d-model-polygon-count-how-much-is-optimal.54832/

I’m not making it for games but for a little VFX project.
So it certainly wont be rendered with a phone :wink:

Do my sculpt really look that good? :confused:

Try converting the tris to quads and see if that helps.

Sorry, didn’t help :frowning:

I guess the best way to avoid the problem is to set the bleed to 0, and instead somehow expand the islands in gimp.

Tbh i don’t know why the triangles would give such color “stretch” and flow over the inside of islands. That’s probably a question to devs.
Texture image looks low resolution btw - you could try to increase image size.
If you gonna set bleed value to 0 you eliminate distance between unwrapped islands; you could then move them manually apart but i think you’d have to add bleed manually in case there is some stretch in 3d.
Next, there is image editor you can correct texture by creating mask from exported unwrap layer and use to paint over lighter spots using Smear brush.
And last - retopo your object, make new unwrap/paint.