Jagged Edge

When you render a 3d cube, the default settings create a nice, perfectly smooth line. Is there any way to create a jagged edge that looks worn? (sort of like how old metal has jagged edges. Once apon a time the edge was perfectly smooth, but it is now more worn and jagged.)

You will have to learn to use Normal Maps - as opposed to Bump Maps - which maps (usually) need some external app like Melody to generate. Bump Maps can give the appearance of corrosion or erosion and will work in some situations, and you can always just model the effect with tools like Subdivide Fractal and Proportional Edit.


My problem is that as far as I know, normal maps only make a model look higher res then it really is, meaning the face of the surface looks scratched up, but the edges do not. Ill take a look at subdivide fractal and see if that helps.

You’re getting Bump maps and Normal maps mixed up.


Hmm… Could you please explain what the difference is? I am having problems figuring it out.



You can also use Displacement: