Jagged edges and white artifact problem (no alpha masks or AO)

Maybe I’m just nit-picking again, but I have a weird little problem. The mesh hair of my character sometimes gets some white edges around it, like a weird alpha artifact. No alpha textures were used on it though.
Also, her brows seem a bit jagged sometimes. I hope the pictures are clear enough.

Thanks in advance!


That’s odd. Does the problem go away if you pump the OSA all the way up?

Looks like Dithering or Anti Aliasing problem. Have you try adjusting those settings?

Hey, thanks for the quick replies. Those renders are made with an OSA of 16, Octree res of 256 and Dither of 0.
I just found something weird out too. If I only render Layer 1 (everything except the eyes) the white edge around the hair disappears (though the brows are still jagged).The eyes aren’t intersecting the hair or the ouside of the face, nor do any of the objects have SSS. I’m absolutely lost/ flabbergasted.

Anyone? Please? sad puppy eyes

I hate bumping, but I haven’t found a solution yet… =/

I know it can’t be, but it seems like a premultiplication problem. The pixelated edge on the hair is the sky color, so if you render out an image with a premultiplied background as a PNG with an alpha chanel. do the blue pixels in your screenshot have an alpha of 0 (see-through)?

Look also for things like “ambient” or “sky.” These colors do indeed look like “sky colors” and I suspect that’s a significant finding. There can be “sources of light (-colored pixels)” that have nothing to do with any sources of illumination in the scene.

A blend file would be helpful.

If I only render Layer 1…

Are you using different render layers? Bringing it together in compositing?