jagged, jaggies and saw tooth edges

I am trying to make some clothing for a fellow and I keep getting severe jagged edges. When I crank up the subsurf it detracts from the shape I want. Is it simply a matter of subdividing again and again? Surely there’s a better way.
OSA 16 smooth and subsurf 1 gives me this:

Subsurf level 2 or 3 should suffice. Make sure it is Catmull-Clark subdivision. Turn on OSA and set level to 5 (or more depending on the scene). Hit Render.

Recently I started rendering everything I do at twice the target size and resizing in post process in other apps… longer render times but boy does it help get rid of jaggies!

That images looks more like no OSA than OSA 16.

Are you sure you have the OSA toggle button clicked in the F10 panel ?

Try saving the file as a JPEG from blender and reopen it with a different program to see if it is actually jagged or if it’s just a bug with the F-12 render preview. I had the same problem with F-12 renders with a sword I am making. If I actually render the sequence out with the Animate button and look at the picture in a different program it looks fine.

sheesh! I’ve been blending too much. I looked at the OSA twenty times and didn’t notice OSA not pressed. DUH! Time to go do something else. Too many senior moments today.
Thanks for the replies.

Edges will still be somewhat jagged where they come into contact with the world background. To smooth those edges out you’ll need to turn on the unified renderer. Trust me- do a render without the unified renderer, press J to switch to the spare renderer, and then do another rendering with the unified renderer (haha does that make sence?). Flip back and forth between the primary render and the spare render and the difference will be obvious.