Jagged lines on AO texture.


I am having some issues baking with Ambient Occlusion today. I have had this problem for a long time now, it just hasn’t bothered me until recently. My settings are: Ambient Occlusion bake setting, baking in 20 samples, falloff of 2.5. I have environmental lighting and Ambient Occlusion boxes checked in the “world” tab.

NOTE: The pictures above are just a few instances of this issue.


upload an example .blend with relevant images packed in it.

When you take a look at your UVs are you able to notice if those troubling areas hold their uvs in a diagonal manner? If your texture is lower in resolution, uvs going diagonally may give this result.

Yes, This is what it looks like.

its either the dithering (bleeding) or overall pixel size not sufficient so it pixelize