Jagged lines on logo made w/Curves

hey everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how to clean up the edges of the attached logo. It looks fine before rendering (which may mean more to you than I understand). I know there is an anti-aliasing feature somewhere in Blender but I don’t know if that is particularly what I need to fix this, and can’t quite remember where it is :).

Thanks in advance.


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may be due to bad normal

otherwise can you load up the file
so we can check some more details!

would be easier ot help here


Anti aliasing might be worth a try, you can find it in the render tab, dunno if it is enabled, but if it isn’t try it with osa on.


thank you for replying!

tried bumpin the OSA to 16 from 11…no change

idk what a “bad” normal is, so by all means…here’s the file.

thanks again!


CTV_logo.blend (173 KB)

well, for starters, you could try out choosing from render buttons either “sky” or “premul”… depending what type of file you are going to output ofcourse. that fixes some of your errors there…

some of it comes also from such a small render size. you could try to render bigger (you can always resize in gimp/photoshop). also some of the reflections on top seem to cause uglyness… but that is shading and lighting work… :slight_smile:


Hi dvidale!

Try this. You see the “Save Buffers” Button in the left corner!? … press it and than “Full Sample” … the OSA Button changes to FSA … than try to render! It will render a little bit longer but maybe that solves your problem!

Hope it will help


edit: It is working!!! … just tried it out with your file, using 16 samples!


change the size make it bigger first of all
easier to see details

see pic i did here

can you encircle the areas with problems

i can see some white around some corners but i think this is because of the specular and mirror reflection you have
also you do have a spot light lighting from the back with high energy level that could be creating some bad reflections on the model!

also the floor has some mirror which will reflecft light back to the bottom of your model !
this does help and may be the cause of bad refelctions on bottom!

see pic here

one thing i did not do a lot of model with curves but can you explain something

you seem to have only one curve here !

how can you make different areas with only one curve?
i tough you could not do that with cuve in blender!

see second pic i remove some of the floor mirror and lower a little the spot enregy

hope it helps

Switching to Full Sample (FSA) and 16 for the quality did the job! Thanks for that tip Leto!

Ricky: I made the logo with several curves and then somehow…can’t remember how… long time ago…I grouped the curves together. I may have used a method from my first lessons on the Blender to Noob wiki tutorial.

Thanks everyone for pitching in!