Jagged lines on texture render

I have combined a texture map, bump map and normal map, but when rendered it comes up with some strange jagged artefacts on the model. It is most obvious under the eyes where one of the seams is but they are also showing up where there are no seams.
Also the blue body colour has leaked into the eye, I can include the nodes for the eyes if anyone is interested in helping me?
I am very new to all this so please forgive my cluelessness J

You don’t need texture coordinate node: UV when you only have one UV map, image nodes use that by default. When you use both bump and normal maps, combine them in bump map node. If I remember correctly, bump map node has normal input where you can connect the normal map.

The artifacts probably don’t disappear with those changes. Should check the UV map and the mesh so upload an example .blend of the problem area: you can select the geometry where the artifacts are and delete inverse of that if you don’t want to upload the whole file. Link in my signature has instructions on how to pack textures and upload.

Hello, I hope I have done this right, I removed most of the body vertices and the original mesh but its still 11 MB and I cant seem to upload it so I uploaded it into a blender folder on my website if that’s ok. Its called Cassowary3.blend. I packed the textures. Thanks so much if you are able to help -


Couldn’t exactly explain it, but if I hide all the hemi lights (Especially hemi.003) and Add a plane with an emission of 5 the problem disappears. I put a subsurf on the bird, and in world settings enabled nodes, you probably want to use an hdri in there. But a simple mesh light seems to fix it.

Thanks very much, I will try that