Jagged/Vibrating Edges in BGE

Hello everyone!
I’m new here, and apologize in advance for my ignorance and/or if the issue I’m having has been discussed in another thread, but here’s my problem:

I’m in the process of making a simple low poly game and am noticing an anomaly during play where objects are ‘vibrating’ when they clip with other meshes, or partially disappear at a distance/when the camera moves.

Here’s a short video detailing the issue:

That game was made a little over a year ago during version 2.6x.
Any information is greatly appreciated, thank you for reading!

Still can’t figure it out.

It’s called Z-fighting, and happens when two facecs are close enough together that the precision of the depth-buffer doesn’t means the graphics card doesn’t know which one is in front!


  • Increase the depth of the light so the faces are further away
  • Decrease the viewing distance of the camera (increases depth buffer per-unit resolution)
  • Make your model geometry such that there is no face behind.

Hey sdfgeoff thanks so much for your response. After quickly searching for Z-fighting I found a ton of solution pages for it that I apparently could never find without knowing the technical term. Simply upping the start clipping distance of the camera by 1 fixed it right up.