Jagged wireframe is driving me nuts

Am I the only one is bothering by it? https://developer.blender.org/T73494

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I thought about this. And then I thought

Not seeing this at 4K. What resolution are you running?

1080p. It’s only visible in Object mode’s active select wireframe viewport shading.

Try changing the clipping values of your viewports, I had some trouble with that a while ago which caused extremly jagged edges.

I’ve played with different clipping values, but it makes no difference. Blender dev team has tagged it as a known issue, a low priority one. I guess I have to let it go…

switch off antialiasing. Get the full dented pixels. Embrace the contrast :slight_smile:

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On a higher resolution screen the stepped aliased effect is not as noticeable - on a 4K screen hardly so.

Instead of investing in a higher resolution screen (ps 1080p is really quite low resolution nowadays, though), I found that increasing the selection outline thickness to 4px and lowering the brightness of the orange outline colour in the theme settings do help in alleviating some of the apparent visual


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Increase Outline Width in Preference > Themes > Viewport to 3 px works for me, thanks Herbert123.

4K is nice, but I rather have four 27" 1080p monitors than one big 4k.

Isn’t 1920x1080 a rather low resolution for a 27" screen? I use two 27" 2560x1440 screens - at 1920x1080 I think the pixels would be too visible.

27" 1080p works for me, no pixelated issues; plus less eye strains from trying to read small UI. Don’t you have to scale up UI with 2K+ resolution. I had to scale mine up at least 150% on Surface Pro 7.

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I think it’s a perfect compromise

I unticked “outline selected” on overlay panel and the effect was gone.