Jaggies (in OSX) Antialiasing help?


I’ve just built a few models in blender for MacOS X (the beta version of Blender for this platform)

I have some real bad jaggies on diagonal lines though, and it doesn’t seem to get any better with oversampling, even when set to 16.

Is this because the version for OS X is beta? How do I get rid of these jaggies - have not had chance to test the same file on another platform yet, help appreciated, because they are really ruining the realism of my work.



No unfortunatly it’s a problem with Blender’s render code. Are you doing stills? If so do OSA max, Render at 2X size ans scale down with gimp/photoshop etc.

It’s one of the things on my list to look at when the source is released…


It’s been fixed in OS X 2.25 beta.

I’m also getting those jagged edges when I render.

It’s been fixed in OS X 2.25 beta.

Is there a OS X 2.25 beta version? Where can I download this???
I’ve only got 2.23 !!!