Jaguar D-Type

Here’s what I have so far for a Jaguar D-Type.

Ref pic’s…

Please C&C.

Nice so far! It’s like driving a cloud car.

Cool, good subject matter.

You may want to break the model down in to individual body parts. Right now the car looks too blocky as it’s carved from a single piece.

If you look at the reference pics you can see that it’s much more rounded all over. There are almost no straight lines on the real car, it’s a thing of beauty. :slight_smile:

If you take each body part at a time and try to get the shape right for only that part, when you join them up you may find that it mirrors the original shape better, on the other hand sometimes using this technique can result in the final model being too wide or long or high, so take the approach you feel most comfortable with. :slight_smile:

It’s best to have a set of orthographic pictures as a backdrop and model the parts individually. You can use the pictures to make sure it retains the right dimensions whilst focusing on getting the correct shapes.

Thanks for the comments so far.
I have blueprints setup and I use Top, Side, Front and Back views. I 'm still working on the body and have things to fix on it.

Yeah, looking good. Keep it up.

I’m messing around with the side and I think it’s better, but not quite there yet.