Jaguar E-Type Series 1

It’s completed! My latest model.
Jaguar E-Type Series 1

More renders:

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You’ve created another beauty indeed. Well done Icon. One of these days you should find a good background with parking spaces and bring in all the different cars you’ve made into one scene :slight_smile:

Yes indeed…you’ve done it well…a beautiful job on a remarkable machine…almost forgot I was gonna respond …I was so lost in looking and remembering…worked on a couple of them in my wrenchin’ days…and a friend had one in ’ 69…had some wild rides as I recall…

Amazing work! Five stars!

beautiful work, loving the details and main subtle colour of the car…

Oh God!!
A deja vu!! :eek:
For a moment I thought that someone had stolen my model!! :ba:
But I soon realized that this model is much better than mine!! :yes:

Congrats IconW, excellent job !!

Thank you for the nice comments! Maybe I revisit my Miura with new materials and renders too.