Jaguar F-Type R-Convertible

Edit: Thumbnail:

Base is almost done. I hope to complete this project next month.

I don’t know why this mirror took one and a half days to complete:


It’s off to a good start. Are you using the Chris Plush shrinkwrap method? Found it to be a godsend when modeling the Corvette.

I don’t have that car course. But, yes, I did learn the technique from Chris, but from here:

Cutouts done:

Now proceeding with the rims.


This took some trial and error, but now it is finished:

I forgot that I have to model the base mesh without including the headlight and taillights, even though I didn’t include details. I’ll try it again with my next models in 2.8.

Anyway, It’s looking pretty clean and smooth.

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Looking wheeley good but I think the bevels could do with being relaxed a bit, especially in the area on the outside of the lug nut holes.

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yeah they were too sharp. Now they are more smooth.


Thanks! You mean with or without headlight guide? I find that when you model the headlight in the base mesh, things get a bit easier and more smooth.

Wheel done. Just Need to add valve and some minor stuff.

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With the headlight guide.

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Cannot find good reference images to understand the shape of the caliper. So I will have to make do with the current images.

Disc brake is almost done. I feel it looks a bit low poly.


Nice project so far!
Don’t be afraid to loose some of the poly-count. It makes more sense for the future buyer as your final product will be more flexible. Also too much detail where a texture could stay is too much time/energy lost elsewhere.

Cannot wait to see the bumpers and lights!

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You are right!

Trying to trace the emblem.

I initially thought the front bumper has the different but much simple emblem. This one hit me like a brick. This is over now. Just need to tweak some sharpness.

I don’t know why I didn’t use curves.

It looks fine.

Front grill nearly done:



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Noice. How did you get the Jaguar text on the badge? I assume it’s not modeled or is it?

It is modeled.

I first used the boolean method. but I didn’t like the result. So I took the longer approach.


Nice attempt. Normally, I would use textures for complex logos that include text unless they are easy to model.

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Thanks! I use textures too, but textures weren’t making the text look deep enough.

Done with the Air Valve. It’s not perfect, but it looks fine.

Trying this (it’s gonna take some tries):

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Emblem/Logo done in third try. I don’t know if I got the general shape of it right, but it looks fine. The chrome material was a big hinderance to understanding the shape.