i was gonna show my first blender project that i did on my own, which is not finished yet at the moment - some more modelling at the back of the car, materials lights, and of course the jaguar emblem as the best part :)). I ran out of the time now (man, the modelling is time consuming), but i would like to finish it one day.

thanx for crits
will post the finished stuff!!!
I love blender thats for sure :))))

Broken image link man

oh shoot…sorry

well lets try this one:

Excellent car man!, sure that took you a lot of time…its like a toy car, not like a real one, and also i canot see the volante, where is it?

Realy nice!
Maybe a bit too dark color on the car :expressionless:

svelt! But anti aliasing is wacked… must be soemthing in yafray