Jaguar WIP - Slight Update - June 26/02

(BgDM) #1


I am squeezing this one in during break time at work, so not a whole lot of time into it yet. Just wanted to post some progress.

Modeling a car is a lot harder than I thought it would be. :-? I have scrapped more than I think I have left. I think it is coming along fairly well though for my first car effort. Give me some input.


(CAVZ24) #2

Thats pretty sweet BG!!! I LIKES!

(CAVZ24) #3


Did you use surfaces or subsurf?

(ScottishPig) #4

Very cool. You uhh… missed a spot. :wink:

Can’t wait for it’s completion

(BgDM) #5

Thanks guys. I will be taking my time on this one. I want to get it right on.

CAVZ24: I am using meshes with sub-d’s. I can post a non-smoothed one if you want to see it.


(CAVZ24) #6


(rixtr66) #7

it looks to be coming along nicely! cant wait to see more!


(BgDM) #8

CAVZ24: wireframes as requested.

Hope this helps!


(rogerm3d) #9

Looks nice so far. Can’t wait to see it all done & ready to race.
hmm looks like i need to make a car 8)

(sten) #10

hej BgDM… :o

looking good…looks very promising so far…can’t wait to so when it is finished…Radiositied and all :wink: hint hint LOL

keep up the good work !!

(blengine) #11

very impressive! keep it comin

(YAYA) #12

What a work! keep on modelling by night, hurry, I want to see it finished!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(dickie) #13

that looks really good!

(BgDM) #14

Thanks for the words of encouragement guys! Forces me to keep it going anf raise my modeling skills a little higher. This is by far my best effort at something. I have been very careful at watching where I place the verts and such on this one.

ztonzy: radiosity! maybe when it is completely done. I can’t remember if you can use radiosity in Blender with UV textures, (or any textures for that matter). Anyone know?

YAYA: in another week I will have my nights back to model at free will :smiley: . I plan on finishing my bot during that time though. I will likely squeeze in some time on this as well. Just be patient. I am no imgranpaboy speed modeller. :wink:


(rogerm3d) #15

BgDM: yea you can use textures with radiosity. Just need to set material with vertlight button.
Sorry but no clue about the UV texture part. Never learned those :frowning:

(BgDM) #16

Here is a minor update.

Added the headlights and added some more bodywork. Still going. Slowly, but getting there.


(rogerm3d) #17

Nice, starting to look more like a car. Not just body panals

(PILER) #18

good job modeling, its looking great… and aboutt he radiosity, you can use anykind of textures with radiosity but… when you actually calculate the radiosity dont have any textures on anything, just materials, then texture it all when the radiosity id over and leave the vcol light on. =)

(blengine) #19

whoa, almost done! great job, its lookijg real good, but it seems right now, poobas cars got ya beat :wink:
i really like the lighting u got in there =D

(BgDM) #20

Here is another update. Added the lamp housing and glass for the headlights. This was an absolute pain in the A$$!!! Took me about 2 hours just to get it looking like this, and it is still not where I want it to be.

Anyway, here is the image:

I had to place 2 “Layer” only lamps into the headlight pods cause Blender’s Ztransparent on the glass sucks and still makes the mesh cast a shadow, so you couldn’t see anything when I rendered it. Looks OK now though.

Thanks for anymore input.