Jaguar XF

My Jag XF
Render Yaf(a)ray and post prod photoshop :smiley:

Thats a Jaguar :eek::spin: !!! i would have never guessed. Front looks Mercedes/kiaish and the rear looks like a saab! is that a 09 model?

all the modeling looks great. Is the road cg?

I am impressed. Great modeling, lighting, texturing and composition with the background image.

The only thing that bugs me is the grill on the front of the car below the number plate, it looks a little too uniform or repetitive. Anyway its not a big deal, it may just be me.

Good work!

Great render, I like the model, looks very clean!

2008 I think, its on sale in New Zealand at the moment, though I haven’t seen one outside a dealership. Very nice render, maybe a little too much light otherwise no crits.

its perfect!
5 stars

A saw it on the BC, really awesome ! Great modeled and lighted.

Nice~ good composite work for you~can I have a look at your node screen shoot? I promise just look for a while:)```` pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease ~:P

ya I don’t see any real artifacts, very professional :slight_smile: ground might be just a Tiny bit blurry is all. I have to say that is a good enough render that I reacted to it like a advertisement heh. You can see the influence of Ford ownership and now Tata in that car imo.