Jaguar XJ220

Here is a project that I worked with for a month or so a while ago. Thought I would put up the final results :slight_smile:

It’s all rendered with YafaRay python plugin, it did a descent job, although it wouldn’t let me use bumpmaps on the tires. It’s a bug known for the Mac version. :mad:


Is it a 3 render at a time limit on here? :confused:



Think that’s all, tell me what you think :wink:


Awesome car and great renders. I saw one of those at the Jaguar Museum a while ago… sweet :slight_smile:

Very good model of a great car.

sir, those renders are amazing :slight_smile: 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Very cool, needs some compositing to blend better with the images and you could add some noise/grain to the car to match the quality of the background for a more photo realistic result other then that as a stand alone 3d model and render it’s really good.

Very clean modeling.
My favorite is the 2nd one in third post.

Thanks for your comments all:evilgrin: GodOfBigThings: yes thats my fav too.:yes:

you must have rushed this car because the are several places where the modeling is seriously off, along the roof pillar(look at forest render), along the top of the wheel well and around the doors. But the render is good so keep it up just don’t rush the modeling

I like first one in 4 post most, however seems you overdid bloom imo, and there are some parts in the bottom of car where edges would use some chamfering cos now they look cg, beacuse of their sharpness.