Jaguar XJ220

Hy Guys!

Here´s my last project. I hope you enjoy it.

More renders:

Great stuff! The 220 is one of my favorite Jags!

Thanks, gr8!

I was looking at your car and wondering why it does not look quite right. Something is wrong. My wife says it is to shiney. I think what the real problem is the lighting. Is it lit with a HDRI image? One other thought is that it is to perfect. Like a pane of glass on a house, it is not flat, it has a wavy surface that makes reflections in the glass imperfect and I think the surface of the car needs a bit of this. Perhaps a noise or “cloud” texture added to the surface displacement would give it that final touch of reality. Or maybe some grunge textures added on? Bit of dust, some oil stains, a bit of dirt? Water marks where it was not perfectly polished? A bit of leftover polish?

Great car BTW!!

Hi Douglas. Thank you for your comments. Yes, the paint is too CG perfect, I know. This is one of my old stucked projects that I wanted to finish. But I´ll try to make the paint not so mirror like. I´ll post the results soon.

The scene is lit by lights only. No HDR.

Thanks, again.

You might like this. I found it great.

and this HDRI

and this is a great place to grab hdri images.
Hope it helps! It is a great waste to make such a nice model and then not get the best possible shot of it.

Fantastic modeling and topology, For me the lighting and shadows are way too harsh, also I think the paint material needs work.

I knocked up a quick example on my lego model for you.


Thank you, audia4! I´ll make some tests. :wink:

Guys, I’ve made some improvements in body paint and wheel paint.

Looking WAY WAY better. I have been looking for 5 minutes to find things to improve.
Door lock looks to bright. Maybe a bit more roughness???

Glass is too perfect might need just a touch of distortion or grunge.

Strange black material on the hood. It looks wrong but then again I don’t know what it is. Can’t find a reference image with it either.

Muffler sucks. Sorry but it looks like a cartoon compared to the greatness of the rest of it. It needs bevel on the edges and it looks like it was given a bad camo paint job.

Shadows under wheels looks to bright. Might need a bit more AO or harder light. This could be my monitor VS yours. I don’t have a spyder monitor calibration kit and I bet you don’t either. It makes the car look a bit like it is floating.

I would still try lighting with HDRi. A bit of dirt on it would also help a lot to sell it. Nothing is perfect. Imperfection, the new digital perfection.

Looking really good! It is down to the point of needing a photo of the real car to compare it to.


Hi guys,

Well, I´ve improved a littte the things that magick.crow noted. I know that´s not perfect, but I´ll put more effort in a new project.

Id like to thank you, magick.crow and audia4, for the tips described in this thread.

Oh, and about muffler, I choose to model based in a foto reference. There are some different details, and I choose that I liked more. :wink:

Looking great. It is funny how important that lock was. I still think the muffler needs at least a bit more fresnel and a roughness map. I think this is very important to that shot because that muffler is dead center in the shot, well at least the center of the car, and thus the most important thing that you eyes see. I think the rest looks perfect (to my limits of perceiving). I fully understand wanting to move on to the next thing. I do it all the time!
NP. What comes around goes around!

Thank you very much, magick.crow, again!

Cool stuff but a little bit of grunge would really add up to it’s realism.