Jaguar XKR-S

So I’ve decided to model the Jaguar XKR-S.

I’ve managed to make the hood so far.

Final renders:


It is really nice car…IMO one of the nicest…good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing the result :wink:
it looks clean

the set up is really clean. I’m looking forward to seeing this. :slight_smile:

Here’s tonight’s progress:

Great job. Looks awesome so far!

Wow! That looks great :slight_smile: Could you please post some viewport screens to see the wires from there also? :slight_smile:

they are screens from viewport i don’t get it.

can you please post a screenshot of that material,it looks great

Car Paint:
car_paint.blend (95.8 KB)

More progress

More progress stuffs

really nice job…and really fast :wink:
to Kramo: I think that miskolciart thought screens in edit mode :wink:

Sorry I meant the one from edit mode :smiley:
Do you tend to use N-gons a lot?

I use ngons to lay the foundations, then I use the knife tool to make the edge flows and topology. But in the end, the mesh only consists of quads and tris.

More :slight_smile:

Christ you work fast! :spin::spin:

At this rate I’ll have to model an environment for everyone’s cars to get rendered together. :evilgrin:

Very good idea because awesome cars are coming jaguar audi lamborghini.

Final update before bed:

before bed? you’ve been working 23 hours on this? :open_mouth:
but still looks great

lol :smiley: you´re crazy… looks great!