Jaguar XKR-S

Yep that’s really really good. Can uiu show some wires of lamps?


Yep sure:

Matcaps are cool!

Progress continues… slowly:

Slowly? That’s not like you… :wink:

This car has one of the easiest rims I’ve ever modeled:

I’m impressed by the tidyness and elegance of your mesh. May I ask how you modeled the front grill? It’s quite dense and must be a bit of a pain to make. I tried to make something similar myself in the past and ended up with a huge number of verticies.

Any way I’ll keep a eye on this thread. I’m looking forward to seeing the final result. Great job.


First I modeled a smaller piece:

Used an array modifier to get the appropriate dimensions:

Then applied the array modifier and added subsurf:

And then I used proportional editing to shape it into the final grill shape:

Thanks for the explanations, blazraidr. Nifty modeling in that grill. It looks very believable. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, after further inspection of reference material, I modeled it wrong. I have no plans to fix it though.

Just got back to this after my end of year exams. You are not forgotten, old Jaguar…

I like the look.

For the grill meshes I tend to use a lattice modifier; in fact, anything that I can use one for, I do as it allows for easier tweaking.

Here’s a studio setup I’ve adapted from a 3dsmax tutorial. The setup is surprisingly easy to reproduce in Cycles, and gives awesome results. I’m aware of the floating rear tire, and many other flaws.

Here’s an update on the simple interior I’m modeling. I’m not going for any detail here, it’s just to ensure that the final rendered image doesn’t have a hollow inside :stuck_out_tongue:

More work:

Well done sir :slight_smile: It’s a pity that you’re not going to do a detailed one

Your meshes always seem to be very clean, as if you know where each and every edge loop needs to go. :eyebrowlift2:

It helps to draw the topology before modeling :

A test render in a studio setup. Modeling is nearly complete. I still need to model the little things such as emblems, and I still need to create some shaders for the lights. I then need to have everything organised, since there are objects on layers all over the place.

Looks great!
Don’t forget to shape the tires, as it looks like the car is standing on tiptoes. :slight_smile:

Couple of issues I have with geometry: the front bonnet, the center line right at the front; it seems a little off. It could just be how the light and shadows are interacting.

Very nice flow along the side. The front wing just below the headlight - shadows there seem a little too curvy.