My first post here. I’d like to share with you a personal project I made to study Blender’s hair system, plants and tree… for rigging I used the new cat rig, grass is Blender’s Guru The grass essentials… Hope you like it :slight_smile:


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Is that actual fur on the jaguar’s body or an image texture?

Yeah it’s totally furry.

This is looking really good!
But the jaguar looks a little bit flat to me, especially the back part. You could work on a more contrasty lighting, maybe. More Irregularities in the fur would also help making it more realistic (dirt, hair length variation).
I love the detailed ground, by the way! :slight_smile:

Thanks for comment :slight_smile: The problem it seems flat is the DOF its hiding the fur details… perhaps I have to try some different setting on DOF. Thanks once again :wink: