Jaheima Ntombi - Character WIP

This is a character I’ve been working for the past two weeks, It’s based on an amazing concept by the very talented illustrator Dmitry Dmitriev, ( Behance link right here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/26904039/REBEL ).
It still needs work, but I’ve finally started feeling it’s progressed enough to feel good sharing it here.
I feel it’s lacking mostly in the hair department (I really haven’t dealt much with hair in blender up to this project), it’s really not at all what the concept art is doing, but at least is starting to look decent on its own merits.

My intention is to rig her ( I want to try to learn to use BlenRig with this project ) and maybe share the final thing with the comunity, if somebody is interested (And if I get the Ok from the conecpt artist, of course ).

I hope you you guys like what I have so far, and II’d love to hear comments and/or suggestions.


really impressive. i like it bro. i will follow your thread :slight_smile:

Thanks Man !!! I’m really enjoying this personal project, now I’ll try to put some more time into the hair.
Here’s another Image.

Looks pretty awesome! Congrats. Keep it up.

Great job!. In case you are interested in some feedback I guess the glossiness in the skin shader is a little bit high, and you could desaturate it a bit too.

You have definitely captured the bold, dangerous, sexy attitude of this character. Tho the hair isn’t exactly the way it is drawn in the concept art, it puts your own stamp on it. I look forward to seeing her in a walk cycle.

Thanks for your feedback Eledeme, both are good points that I’ll try out.

Thank you SonnySee, I’m happy with the results so far , and even though the hair is not the one in the concept, I was relatively happy with how it turned out, but I would really like to give the “original” hair a try.
Also, Rigging her is in my future plans, so a walk cycle might be in the near future :wink: