Jahka particle patch in CVS

Hello, Jahka particle patch is now in CVS.

Look at : http://www.blender3d.org/cms/New_Particle_options_a.721.0.html

Particle panel was reorganized, because there is many new options.

For windows if you want to try go to testing build forum


I love the layout of the new panels. :smiley:

Bah! Now I have to make a new build again. :x
:wink: New panel layout looks sweet. :slight_smile:

YESSSS!!! I was wondering why it was taken out of the official alpha 2 build. Shamefully I was complaining bout it in blender general. slaps himself as punishment Thanks!!


It was never taken out, because it was never in bf-blender cvs until now. Some people who build testing builds in the forums add various patches to their builds that aren’t in the official tree - it’s a good idea to take notice of what is official and what is a patch, particularly when finding bugs.

And yes, it’s very nice to see this awesome functionality (with such a beautiful new panel ;)) in blender cvs!

Note also the enhancements Ton made… significantly better functionality with static particles vis a vis guide and deflector forces. Also, the shaded particles in OpenGL modes rocks.