Jahka Particle softbody Help

I’ve been playing around with the Jahka particles for the past few days since it was posted on the Peach blog…
I’ve been trying everything to get the softbodies to render, but they just won’t The particles stay static and don’t show any movement. Also, I realized there is no bake button in the SVN release…

How does one come about baking the particles so the softbodies will render out correctly?



Does anyone know?

ive got the same problem as you it would seem that with the latest build they removed the bake option from the soft bodies no clue why maybe someone will come along and enlighten us

I’m having the same issue with rendering, if I step through the animation and render each frame one by one manually with “Render” of [F12] I get the effect, but when I just click on anim it loses the softbody.

If I do [ALT+A] it will play and do the soft body calculations, but it still won’t render when I click on anim. It does save the cache in a folder named “blendcache_filename”, but for the life of me I can’t get it to render with the ANIM button in the render buttons window.

ok well in the latest build they have fixed it just go to graphicall and download it or build it yourself

Sweet, works perfectly in the update I built today, crazy how much can change in a few days. heheh.