Jahkas Particle combing feature

Hey all,

I have just tried out the Combing feature in Jahkas Particle patch and it worked awesome and I allmost finished my hair for a model and then I shut down my computer and took a break. When I came back and opened the blend file again the hair was a mess and the particles where flying all around. (I opened the file again with the correct patch)

Is this feature not ready yet or is this a known bug?

Do you have a build with my latest patch (17.2.07). What you describe was a known bug in the previous (5.2.07) patch, but it should be now corrected in the new one.

Builds with 17.2. patch are available at graphicall.

I can’t seem to find it. Please let me know how to get it. thanks


Thanks Jahka, downloading as I write :slight_smile:

Edit: unfortunatly the file went corrupt and I didn’t have any backup on it :-((((

Ok. Now I got everything working but now the particle paths hardly move when I comb the hair, why is that?