Jahshaka 2.0 RC2 Available

Yup. Jahshaka 2.0 RC2 is finally available for download.

At present binaries are there for Windows, Redhat, Fedora Core 4 and Suse. (No ubuntu/debian yet).

Get it here!

Wow, what is this?
An alternative to After Effects??

From what I can tell it’s a non-linear editing package with post-production effects thingies, or something.

I’m compelled to hijack this thread and recommend Positron. Positron is being developed by a user of elYsiun.

This man probably doesn’t see bread on the table every day. Keep in mind that he is using Blender - poor man’s Maya. Instead of giving into the sweet words of those “individuals” who cunningly lure you into the dark realm of the bug ridden Jahshaka, resist! Support a fellow Blenderhead while you can, my friends! Download Positron, today!

no debs? does it implement gpu fx as described yet? that would be cool …
@bmax: what?

bmax: lets not go there, ok?


It. Was. A. Joke. %|

I can´t download it, were are the installers?

Yeah, I noticed NO debs too.

I’ve been trying to compile from source and I’m having bother with the openlibraries that it requires prior to that. Some issues with compiling the BOOST libs.

When watching it try to compile it DOES make mention of the Nvidia gelato and Cg code, so I reckon it does support Nvidia FX code. (But don’t take my word for it.)

If I get something compiled properly, I’ll try to post up a deb here for all us Ubuntu/Debian type folks :wink:

I have been keeping my eye on Positron. It sounds like it is going to be awesome. I tried using a few C compilers before, but I just don’t have the nack for compiling software…yet. I think Positron leans more toward Linux(even though it “can” work on Windows). But, I will keep watching Positron, as I am sure it will develop faster than Jahshaka did in the past. Jahshaka is a great application. They had problems with QT development tools in the past, but ever sence they switched to Eclipse, they have been rockin on development. I think they will start developing much faster. And the Jahshaka developers are big Blender fans also.
As far as Positron, I wish I had the means not only to support him, but Blender and Jahshaka and other OSS also… But, I don’t even know where my next meal is comming from too. When I get the funds, my first donation is to Blender.

[edit] Aww snaps! The site said that they are doing last minute work on the application and is not being released at the moment. Daggnabit. :slight_smile: [/edit]

The winer of the UI disign contest is superg´s blender-like theme! Great news for us, I have voted for that :smiley:


Nope, wasn’t just SuperG. I voted for Almost Flat and posted quite strongly urging that elements of the best UI entries be included in RC2.

To no surprise, it’s what the development team did, going by the following link.


I’ve yet to get RC2 compiled properly on my comp and the windows binaries actually won’t be around until Monday sadly.

I’m really itching to see how they’ve implemented both top-notch designs. :smiley:

Sure, I can read, I Just liked super g´s design, I´ll check almost flat now… :slight_smile:

edit: hey it looks cool, it´s like Tuhopuu with rounded theme lol

I´m so happy that at last a serius video editor has arrive to us open sourcers!

No probs, but it’s just nice if you post saying who the winner is, that you actually echo what the final decision was from the development team, that’s all.

We all cast our votes and have our tastes, no problem with that. :smiley:


haven’t tried it so far. rc1 though. eventually it will get officially debianized, just like f.e. blender.

Yeah, that’s the release I was using before now. It was pretty buggy and almost featureless which is why RC2 is such a big leap forward.

I’ll try another compile this afternoon %|

Tried an earlier version of this software and I was thoroughly dissapointed. Very buggy and I didn’t find it to be terribly intuitive.

In any case, I am really looking forward to a “usable” version of Positron. Currently, it’s a little lacking in key features but I know that it’s developer already knows this and is hard at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to edit video at the speed that you use Blender?

RC1 was pretty buggy, and I think most folk familiar with the project understood that.

I’ve managed to get RC2 finally compiled on Ubuntu today and hopefully I’ll have a playabout with it later on.

I downloaded Positron from CVS and found IT to be rather ‘iffy’ too. I couldn’t even load a firewire-captured DV file into it. Yet even with Jahshaka RC1 I could.

I think it’s horses for courses really. Jahshaka 2.0 Final should be something rather special with a new GUI and more features. It will also implement the ability to use Cg shaders on the GPU which to my knowledge is something blender & positron don’t.

As for Jahshaka being unintuitive. Well I reckon most folk starting blender for the first time (including myself), thought BLENDER was unintuitive. Takes time to get to know a program.

But we’ll see how the open-source arena develops. So long as us users get stable and diverse tools to use, I don’t think there’s much room for complaint :smiley:


All good arguments.

However, Positron is quite a bit younger than Jashaka and (I believe) has fewer developers. If you check the Positron site (or the thread here on the forums) you’ll see that the developers are already working on this.

I completely understand what you mean about blender appearing to be unintuitive. I used to love to hate Blender. I’ve tried to like Jahshaka, but like I said RC1 was extremely buggy. It crashed consistently and I didn’t much care for the interface.

In addition, I don’t particularly care for the work that’s been done with Jahshaka. The main reason I pushed through and learned Blender was because I was so impressed with the works of other Blender users.

I just love the idea of a Blender-like NLE. And I can’t wait until Positron is in a useful state.

tbh I’d like to see something small, simple to operate and with gpu acceleration - and which could be easily compiled with aggressive optimizations so it could run well and render fast on a less-than-a-supercomputer, possibly with old 5—FX card.

(i.e. not much buttons and widgets but the right ones)

i like the old aist moviepack extreme (hw opengl preview) - it’s windows only … would be cool to have a counterpart for linux.