Jahshaka 2.0 released

Jahshaka 2.0 is available now for immediate download! This latest version of the software includes a host of critical updates that are certain to please veteran users and provide a more stable and satisfying experience to those new to the open source project. This latest version is the most rock-solid version of Jahshaka to date and represents an important milestone in our development!


Application Multimedia support:

  • Audio support in Player, Editor and Encoder Many file formats supported:
    +video: avi, dv, mpeg (1 and 2) + mov and mp4
    +audio: ogg, mp2, mp3, wav
    +image: still images, image sequences
  • Many codecs supported including mpeg4, mjpeg, dv, mpeg (1 and 2), h263 + others
  • Direct use of Editor projects in all modules
  • X3D, OBJ and 3DS scene file support for 3D scenes embedded GLSL shader support


  • Integrated previewer
  • Various output formats supported including divx, mpeg1&2, flash, dv & psp
  • Automatic aspect ratio sensitive scaling
  • Once started, the encoder runs in the background
  • Drag and drop from the media table for previewing


  • Multi track editing
  • PAL and NTSC supported with automatic temporal and image re-sampling
  • Mixed resolution and format editing
  • Mixed audio support (with automatic re-sampling)
  • Automatic compositing and audio mixing between tracks
  • Track level compositing control
  • Cut level compositing control
  • Transitions with variable luma masks
  • Customizable zoom levels and auto zoom options
  • Drag and drop media, filter and mask capabilities
  • Reusable output without a render sequence requirement
  • Alpha channel output in non-rendered sequence mode
  • Comprehensive keyboard controls
  • Auto save and recovery
  • Multiple undo/redo levels Selectable 4:3 or 16:9 outputs
  • Various de-interlacing techniques
  • Various filters (chroma, alpha shaping, key framable compositing etc)
  • Fixed pan and scan for 16:9 to 4:3 conversion (via track level controls)
  • Integrated access to the Encoder functionality

i hope this time stable enough :smiley:

Finally, after all these years.



This is great news but there used to be an “interlace” effect (or similar) that seems to have vanished in this release. The effect I am talking about is that of looking at a television close up (so you can see the lines that make up the image) - this effect is used in the Matrix movies a couple of times.

Does anyone know what I am talking about and can anyone help me?


koba: i know the effect you are talking about, but maybe jahshaka forums is better place to ask?

i’ve tried couple of versions of jahshaka, but never managed to do anything in it. i lost hope on the program… and now that blender has the postprocessing node system, i think i am not even going to try this out, unless i hear very VERY good things about it.


To get started seems harder than starting to learn Blender :slight_smile:

well i find it quite easy to use
because i worked with combustion

Is this Jahshaka thing some kind of video editing program?

Just curious and confused after reading the information on the Jahshaka website.

edit: . . . and interested. :slight_smile:

ditto on both accounts

thanx, nice app…are there tutes anywhere for this?..just messing w/ it,I see alot of possibilities… I’ve been using windows movie maker to put my blender animations & fruityloops [a free demo] music together, this looks like it will do better…thanx again…johnd

I’ve downloaded every version for the last 3 years. Basicly, it’s a peice of trash. The thing will crash almost every session. No where close to being fast enough for use in production.

I got this a while ago but I never knew what to use it for so I haven’t opened it in a while. What is this program’s main purpose?

There are a few tutorials.

I think its an excellent program especially for editing video, it is far more stable compared to Cinellera and I have never had it crash on me.

Once you figure out how to use it then its an excellent program.

If you need any help, with using it, I’ll happily help you.

I’ve downloaded every version for the last 3 years. Basicly, it’s a peice of trash. The thing will crash almost every session. No where close to being fast enough for use in production.

Same story here. Every time I give it a chance, but my attention span gets shorter and shorter. Downloaded it again today and it lasted about two minutes. Import media–>Crash–>Uninstall.

i think i am not even going to try this out, unless i hear very VERY good things about it.

You’re off the hook this time around, looks like.

i also have no luck with 1.9, 2RC2, install, just run .exe and crash, uninstall :mad: but with these the jahshaka 2.0 final, i think this one is the most stable and usable after play around with it a couple days.

the most crash problem that happen to me was from codec problem, jahshaka not very good handling divx, xvid, indeo 5. the codec that i can use without problem is ms dv codec, panasonic dv codec, and quicktime.

the keyer is very basic so mean time we still better using Blender RGB Chroma Key Node :smiley: also keyframe editor hard to use and very basic.

for v3 there is plan for node compositor, for screenshot of jahshaka v3 see at this thread: http://www.jahshaka.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=872

imho, Blender is better concentrate on 3d animation field compete with 3dsmax or Maya and Jahshaka concentrate on video editing and compositing field compete with Shake, Combustion or After Effects.

i hope in the future, Blender team and Jahshaka team work together to make a better integration between Blender and Jahshaka like 3dsmax and Combustion, so with Blender and Jahshaka we get complete fx pipeline for free! :smiley:

Gotta say, tbc++, that I’m surprised to hear this from you. I thot you were planning to contribute to this effort. It was my understanding that you’d been converted and were a big fan now. What happened to change your mind back?


Funny you should mention that. It was a quicktime file mine crashed on.

What happened to change your mind back?

Indeed. Sounds like an interesting story! I was sorry to see Positron not pan out… What is it with video editing and open source projects? Is there a curse or something?

Tell me something for all those who say its crashing alot. Do you all run Windows?

Cause I havent had crashes on Kubuntu and I’ve loaded a vareity or .avi, .mpg, .mov, .divx etc and they have all loaded fine. And I’ve been able to edit the files and re-encode them into another format easily.


just dont neglet the application. it seems not to be that bad.

The jahshaka community ticked me off, no purpose, no clear goals, only pie-in-the-sky (we will support everything) views.

Yes, I started to work on it for a while, but got fustrated with the poor performance, and high overhead.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret, I started working on Positron again a few weeks ago. This time v1 will only have basic nle cutting features and import-export, and will focus on being rock solid, and as fast and lean as possible. It runs on C++ code and uses only opengl and a GLUT dirivative for the fastest possible speed. It will run on most *nix systems, and not support Windows at all (due to many compatability/stability issues, it could be ported, but I won’t do it.). No promises, as to when v1 will be out, but hopefuly in a month or so.

I don’t have the new version. I used the last on windows xp and few crashes the interface is different but I did some tuts and I was able to learn it. I like it you can see what you are going to get as an end result as you work. the blender sequencer and composite nodes are great but its nice to lay a clip on a clip and drag it around as you work.
EDIT look at my sig j/k